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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm not doing too well on the blogging course - for the simple reason that I have been away for 10 days and am due to go away again on Friday. It's to be noted that the course has a synchronous element and, personally, I've always found one of the great attractions of emailing and e-lists is that they are asynchronous - you can write when it suits you and others can read when it suits them. To be fair, though, this is true of blogs as well.

Of course, it is fun playing with all the possibilities on offer and fun to see oneself "up in lights" with the html and the uploading done for one.

Still.... When I'm a bit more adept at switching from Blogger to Bloglines, sending photos to the correct site, managing to contribute to a discussion in the correct place etc. I want to turn my attention to the 64,000$ questions: "How can blogs be used in EFL, and can they do something that other resources can't - or can they do something better?


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